Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Coyne Consulting Group, Inc., focuses on all aspects of corporate and private security and investigations, including specialization in the areas of: Technology, Security, Training, Investigations and Certified Protective Services. Our firm provides the complete security solution.

Coyne Consulting Group, Inc. has carried out a variety of functions for numerous clients. The Federal and State Governments have recognized our company officers as experts in computer forensics, personal security and facility security. Numerous local, national and foreign clients have hired Coyne Consulting Group, Inc. to ensure their safety and the security of their personal and business privacy.

Coyne Consulting Group, Inc. officers conduct classes and seminars on technology and security in the workplace. Also, as international business relationships grow, Coyne Consulting Group, Inc. is available to conduct informational seminars on foreign countries to help executives and firms make safe business and travel decisions. Along with protecting the work environment, Coyne Consulting Group, Inc., also offers Executive Protection and Security. Clients have included government officials ranging from Representatives, Senators, Governors, dignitaries of foreign nations, and Fortune 500 corporative executives, celebrities, and families.

With more than 50 years experience in the field, specifically in the areas of security, investigation and technology, Coyne Consulting Group, Inc. can address and fulfill all your security needs.

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